Failure Is Good

Failure Can Be Good US4,233,942 - Animal Ear Protectors

In my pre­vi­ous post I dis­cussed the recent trend of the USPTO to con­sider every­thing obvi­ous — well per­haps that’s not a com­pletely fair assess­ment, but cer­tainly the bar for obvi­ous­ness rejec­tions has been set much lower of late. In that … Con­tinue read­ing

Why A Duck?

Why A Duck? US2010/0154283 - Feathered Duck Decoy Skirt + US5,722,512 - Jet Aircraft Shipping Stand

- Grou­cho: Now, here is a lit­tle penin­sula, and, eh, here is a viaduct lead­ing over to the main­land. – Chico: Why a duck? – Grou­cho: I’m alright, how are you? I say, here is a lit­tle penin­sula, and here … Con­tinue read­ing

A USPTO Search

armadillo US4,338,742 - Armadillo Toy

In my pre­vi­ous post I dis­cussed key­word, clas­si­fi­ca­tion and ambi­ent knowl­edge searches, and promised to pro­vide a con­crete exam­ple, specif­i­cally an exam­ple of a USPTO search. So let’s get right down to it, using as our exam­ple US patent num­ber … Con­tinue read­ing

Catching Patents (101)

Jumping Fish

I pre­vi­ously pro­vided a quick overview of patent­ing, and specif­i­cally of patentabil­ity, freedom-to-operate (FTO), and the impor­tance of search­ing — espe­cially patent search­ing — in both of those processes.  As I pointed out, in deter­min­ing whether or not you pass … Con­tinue read­ing

A Brief Patent Primer

bomb net US6,854,374 - Explosion Containment Net

In my pre­vi­ous post, Catch­ing Whales, I set out the bit­ter­sweet story of a small startup king­dom that over­came star­va­tion by enlarg­ing its cri­te­ria for what counts as food.  Or to para­phrase the moral I pre­sented in that post, while it’s … Con­tinue read­ing

Catching Whales

Catching Whales

A Short Fable For Our Time1 Once upon a time there was a small king­dom that had recently been started in what the land-brokers swore was an “always green and fer­tile coun­try­side with great promise of future fecun­dity.“2 The peo­ple … Con­tinue read­ing